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Enhancing Customer Experience - 'Emotional CX'

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We've all had one of those days every now and then… feeling down in the dumps. You should be heading to the gym, but instead you stop at the local convenience store for that much needed chocolate fix! How different things could be… in a parallel world you're feeling happy, energetic, motivated and ready to take on the world! No way would you be touching that chocolate, it would be straight to the gym.

You may be wondering what my point is here….

Each day every single decision we make is driven by emotion. My point is that customer behaviour is NO different! Somewhere down the line, the idea of customers as humans (with real and changing emotions) has been lost. As experts in customer experience across contact points, we urge that adding emotion to CX needs to be key to your strategy – otherwise quite frankly you will be missing a trick!

The facts... 

Recent research suggests that emotion and experience are central to customers' relationships with brands. Forrester highlights that emotional connection is now the No. 1 driver in customer experience, and it is experience that keeps our customers coming back… again… and again… and AGAIN. There you have it: Customer Loyalty.

Enhancing customer experience through emotion is now considered a viable growth strategy within business. A study identified that moving customers from ‘highly satisfied’ to ‘fully emotionally connected’ with your brand can have 3 times the return that efforts to move ‘unconnected’ customers to ‘highly satisfied’ can have. Now that is impressive!

'Emotional CX' in practice... 

Are there any brands in which you feel emotionally connected to?

Take ‘Dove’ as an example, they have maximised emotional connection with customers very cleverly through their ‘real beauty’ campaign. Playing on the emotions of ‘empowerment’ and ‘liberation’ they encourage love for their consumers' bodies – all shapes and sizes.


As a CX agency, it is important for us to emphasise that this emotional connection cannot just happen in marketing and advertising of a brand. It plays a part across all customer communication, utilising contact points to create positive, emotive connections that enhance customer experience. It is these connections that help achieve brand loyalty.

Where do we come in?

At Premier CX we are customer experience experts with over 25 years' experience. Our aim is to maximise communication with your customers by creating a positive customer experience across channels. Our expertise spans contact points to include audio marketing (on-hold messaging and music), written communication and finally video.

How can we help when it comes to adding emotion to your customer experience?

Call Experience- 

  • Use targeted messaging so the caller hears messaging relevant to them.
  • Make callers feel more than just a number, but a known and valued customer.

Written Experience-

  • Create a connection with all your written communications - not just presales and marketing material.
  • Work with our experts to ensure your brand tone of voice is reflected, showing your personality and working on building relationships with customers.

Visual Experience-

  • Let your customer see you understand and respond to their needs.
  • Create user friendly and educational FAQ videos that are useful, informative and helpful to your viewers.

Let your brand transcend alongside emotion across touchpoints with our help!

Ok...so emotion in CX is clearly important, but where do you start? We have put together a few steps to get you on your way... 


Emma Lister

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