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They say the only constant in life is change

Premier CX’s webinar, ‘The Only Constant is Change’, discussed how major energy provider E.ON manages the challenges and opportunities arising from change. Premier CX Director of Consultancy, Sally Greenaway joined (in an appropriately socially distanced format) guest speakers Sean Maddison and Phillip Tanner to discuss how E.ON manages changes that are both strategic and those that are imposed by unplanned occurrences.

The webinar considered the telephony experience and customer journey and how professional and adaptive changes can impact that journey, finding particular relevance in the events which have affected the world throughout 2020.

Some of the statistics that resulted from strategic changes were considerable.

eonblog2Changing Caller Behaviour

By re-designing prompts to use more customer-centric language and being clear around what the customers were being asked for, speech recognition success rose to 75%, while calls deflecting to self-serve saw weekly increases of around 6,000.

Making the In-queue Experience More Personalised

Playing the same messaging and music to everyone in every queue had resulted in less-than-positive feedback and even complaints to the telephony teams. Producing a more personalised in-queue experience cultivated a greatly improved connection with the caller and resulted in zero complaints over a six-month period.

Coping with Unplanned Changes

When things change out of the blue because of events happening beyond the organisation’s control, there is usually some CX trade off. A great working relationship and carefully honed change strategy means that even organisations of considerable size and complexity can react quickly to maintain the customer experience.

The webinar was a great example of what can be achieved and shows the importance of adaptive, personalised messaging, which can be updated quickly in an ever-changing world, where change is the only constant.

If you would like to view the entire webinar video are download the case study, click here.

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