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Keeping your Customers' Experience positive during the Pandemic.

In the current social and economic environment, it is easy to think of a 'positive customer experience' as something that we aspire to once all the upheaval is over. Almost every organisation has had to drastically change working practices - with staff working remotely, or affected by health issues, and contact centres operating with vastly reduced resources with many agents working in isolation.

iStock-902220870_positivity_sm1Positivity, though, isn't just something that happens when everything is working perfectly; at the most challenging times, the customer's experience can be enhanced by things that we might otherwise take for granted. Effective messaging when operating practices are changing, sometimes frequently, can provide essential information and reassurance that the customer is still valued. The messages might just be about revised opening hours, or alternative ways of contacting staff if face to face meetings are no longer appropriate.

Additional ways of finding information are equally important. When call volumes are much higher than usual, deflecting callers to alternative resources can resolve issues and answer queries that would otherwise cause already-inflated queues to become longer still.

What can Premier CX do to help? 

We specialise in helping contact centres optimise their customer experience. We work across all contact centre touchpoints to improve the customer experience and create brand consistency – a fully integrated approach to CX. Our practically unrivalled experience in contact centre optimisation can be the difference at a time when customer positivity is at a premium.

  • Is your IVR adaptable for any changes that you might have to make?
  • How quickly can you update messages when you need to?

We have a creative team and a fully operational studio that can script and produce messages that can be delivered when you need them. Get in touch now to arrange your own branded messages so that you're giving your customers the best possible experience throughout the current pandemic.

Contact us at info@premiercx.co.uk to discuss your immediate requirements.

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Premier CX is a creative agency specialising in contact centres. Our award-winning team works with some of the UK's most successful brands.


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