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Dynamic IVR

Dynamic IVR Scripting by Premier CX helps Vax to Reduce call queue volumes and improve contact centre efficiency

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In 2014, vacuum cleaner market leader Vax identified that they needed to improve the efficiency of their customer contact centre. Calls were taking longer to answer and handle than their own SLA’s said they should, and the resulting queues were seeing a higher abandonment rate than they wanted. Vax believed that this didn’t reflect well on a brand that was at the top of its market.

A major issue was that 1,000s of callers with product queries were calling before the product had been registered. A large amount of agent time was being taken up directing callers to the website, so that they could register online before calling back, causing a high volume of repeat calls.

The decision was taken to install a new telephony platform with an integrated CRM system that would enable agents to deal with callers on a far more personal level. To fully utilise this new system, the quantity of low complexity calls such as those caused by unregistered products would need to be addressed.

Premier CX was approached to provide dynamic IVR scripting that would streamline the pre-agent experience and encourage callers to self-serve wherever possible. Working closely with Vax’s team, led by Director of Customer Service, Carole Edwards, Premier CX gained a thorough understanding of the brand’s values and their aspirations for the caller experience.

The resulting call flow design and scripting was what Carole described as “on-brand, dynamic audio encouraging callers to self-serve”. In the very first week of implementation, the IVR saw over 5,000 calls positively deflected to other channels. The impact of this statistic was that queue volumes reduced by 30% and 100% of product enquiries were subsequently from people who had already registered their product online.

As Andy Kinney, Systems Lead said, this reduction in queued call volume resulted in “improved service levels, reduced wait times and fewer repeat calls, allowing agents to deal with the more complex queries.”

As well as the positive impact on the callers’ journey, reflected in the 61% improvement in call abandonment rate, the contact centre experienced a tangible uplift in performance, with an increase in calls answered within the SLA rising from around 80% to better than 93%.  Agents were able to deal with customers with one-touch contact and the 30% reduction in call handling time saw a proportional increase in upsell.

According to Nicky Harris, Customer Success Manager at Vax, Premier CX got the “tone and messaging spot on,” enabling customer to hear messages that were “human, relatable and truly represented the brand.”

Premier CX are proud to have been able to deliver a solution that not only created a better experience for Vax’s callers, but also led to direct sales calls being managed in-house, improved conversion and an increase in profitability.


See the video case study here >>

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