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5 examples of video in contact centre customer experience

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5 examples of video in contact centre customer experienceVideo can be a powerful tool in the customer service industry, supporting your customers as well as your team. Delivering quick answers to FAQs, providing instant help, and empowering agents, videos are a great way to get messages across effectively. Here are five examples of how video can be successfully deployed in a contact centre customer experience environment:

  1. Video help button
    Amazon’s Kindle Fire has a ‘Mayday’ button that puts customers through to an advisor in a matter of seconds. Whether you are having a problem with the device or just a simple question, the advisor is able to help instantly by taking control of your tablet and guiding you through resolving any problems.
  1. Video live chat
    Another example of a business that provides customer service by video chat is the footwear retailer Schuh. In addition to helping you with your questions, the advisor is also able to act like a shop assistant, directing you to the right pages on the website and offering you alternatives to your shopping choices.
  1. Self-service video
    Enfield Borough Council uses videos to explain processes behind some of the council’s services in order to clarify understanding and improve self-service among residents. When they first introduced self-help videos, they saw a reduction of calls to the contact centre and higher customer satisfaction.

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  1. Video tutorials
    British Gas have developed a series of ‘How To Guides’ for their YouTube channel. They range from ‘How to read an electric meter’ to ‘How to check water pressure’. These step-by-step guides give their customers answers to some of the most common queries and help resolve issues quickly.
  1. Video as a coaching tool
    Video can also be a cost effective coaching tool and a great way to make your contact centre training sessions fun and engaging. A YouTube clip about an ‘embarrassing customer service phone call’ could be used as a discussion starter for an agent coaching session. Similarly, a video on ‘tips to improve first call resolution’ might be an easy way to present the team with new ideas.

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