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The Great British CX Off....... How to make your IVR a showstopper


IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is the first thing a prospect/customer/complainer/supplier hears. It's a first impression. It's a bit like a cake, the outside is what is seen first, but is made up of significant layers and ingredients. Some are simple like a Victoria sponge, others can be completely unique, and some can just be #bingate like last night's GBBO....

Below we explore the cooking method our consultants all agree, makes for a showstopping IVR.

Step 1: Get the quantity right

It's always tempting to add many layers to an IVR to get the caller to the right agent. Mostly to pre qualify them as much as possible. DON'T DO IT! With a bit of help you can manipulate the call flow so that you use a minimal number of layers and still achieve the same result. Call flows are complex enough without over complicating them. An over layered IVR aggravates the customer and causes disengagement and negative call abandnoment so it's best to get it right from the outset. Go for quality rather than quantity. 

Step 2: Mix

You have your ingredients, but a sponge isn't going to rise without the right tools. To make the most of your IVR you need it to have a Tone of Voice (TOV) and this needs to be consistent accross the entire IVR estate. Why not use the voice you have for your TV ads? This helps the caller to know it's your company they have got through to. Mix this with the right tone and language, and you can significantly uplift your IVR and keep your callers engaged. 

Step 3: Bake

This is where Brand and Marketing come in.... Use their ideas for messaging to bring the IVR to life whilst your customers are placed on hold or being transferred. Their creative perspective on this operational area can make the difference between a generic IVR and an IVR that empowers and engages. Including Marketing will avoid a flat IVR and don't be afraid to give them the control to create the scripts. Working with other departments is the key here. 

Step 4: Decorate

After all that effort to get to this point you don't want it falling over. Personalisation. Personalisation. Personalisation. If you have VIP lines, make them feel like a VIP, or if you have someone choosing the complaint option make it sympathetic with gentle direction if direction is needed. On hold and In queue can be the ideal space to really optimize this, if your platform allows, you can create some engaging, targeted messaging. Get personal and tailor your IVR where possible to up-sell, inform, encourage self service, or to give someone that VIP treatment. Keep it creative, in line with your branding and TOV and you will have just put the piece de resistance on your IVR showstopper! 

A masterpiece IVR that will reduce customer effort, increase customer satisfaction, create brand loyalty and help your organisation hit their KPI's.

If you need help on how to make a show stopping IVR visit premiercx.co.uk 

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