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Integrating generative AI - Human in the loop

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Balancing the usage of human interaction

Our fascinating round table with our four experts from the CX industry, exploring the concerns and benefits of integrating generative AI, has led us to this final discussion point - balancing our use of human interaction.


Sally 3

Sally Greenaway, CX Director at Premier CX explained ‘We’re very aligned to the journeys our customers are on.

One of the points I wanted to bring up was this question about the human in the loop, and do we think that it’s always going to be needed to have a human in the loop?

Certainly, for the conversation design part, which is ultimately the services we give to our clients.'


Current reality...


Sally continues, 'The reality is that right now you could take a fully generative AI bot and put it out there for your clients, but nobody is doing it, nobody has done it, nobody wants to make that first move and take those risks and I think that’s really important. The tech is there but actually as humans and the organisations, no one is going to risk that right now, so having that human there is really important.

The consideration of what your customers both want and need must always be at the forefront of any customer journey review.

‘The interaction when we look at it and the takeaway that we give our clients is that it has to be as close to human interaction as possible. At the moment, AI as clever as it is, cannot replicate those human emotions, especially empathy.


Human in the loop...


Sally adds, 'Having a human as part of the design process, for now, is absolutely essential. Who knows what happens in the future.

From a tech perspective, AI is going to continue to grow, continue to learn, because it’s self-learning. It’s going to bring added functionality, added efficiency to how customers can engage and how employees can learn and benefit too.

Ultimately, when things do go wrong, as they do in life, or the use case is such that a human-to-human interaction is necessary - things like vulnerable customers, high value transactions in the retail space, or emotive use cases such as bereavement. These will always be areas that no amount of tech, generative AI, can or should handle and deal with.’


What’s next?


We’d love to hear from you if you have found the content from this round table content interesting and would like to hear more similar content from other leading CX experts.

This is an intriguing subject that is likely to continue to be part of the CX landscape and we will continue to work with our clients to mitigate the risks and take advantage of the major benefits available through generative AI integration.


If you need advice on how to integrate generative AI into your contact centre operations, please get in touch.


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The Premier CX Team

Premier CX Team

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