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Earn brand loyalty through consistent and customer-focused communications

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Earn brand loyalty through consistent and customer-focused communicationsBig advertising and brand awareness campaigns help you to establish presence, acquire new customers and build a stronger relationship with your current customers. But how do you make sure you remain their brand choice?

Consistency is key with regards to earning brand loyalty, it’s the critical foundation of your brand. Ask yourself, how consistent are your customer communications? Is your tone of voice running through all your customer touch points like a red thread, or is the brand experience a different one depending on how customers interact with you?

A consistent tone of voice is important whichever channel a customer chooses, be it your website, social media platforms or the phone. Imagine a friend of yours suddenly speaks to you in a tone and style that deviates from conversations you had with them in the past. In the same way this might be very confusing, you might feel uncomfortable when a business you’ve been dealing with over the phone, sends you an email that doesn’t sound like the brand you know at all. Once people get to know your brand and are confident about what to expect, it makes it far easier for them to return and engage with your business in the future. In contrast, inconsistent customer touch points are likely to lead to alienation and create a diffused brand image.

Your approach to customer service communication is also crucial to earning brand loyalty. The consistency of your brand story should go in-hand with customer-focused brand communication. This can make you stand out and will help build trust, credibility and a great reputation. Rather than communicating with all your customers in the same way, tailoring and personalising your content to customer segments makes it relevant and valuable to them. Moreover, show you care about your customers by keeping them in the loop about their order or enquiry and be honest if something went wrong. A sincere explanation and apology for example makes your customers’ experience more human instead of feeling part of a system that is run by technology and ‘tick boxes’.

In conclusion, delivering consistent and outstanding individual experiences is key to earning your customers’ loyalty. This will make you more successful in the long run, as brand loyalty will mean repeat business at lower cost than marketing to new customers and result in customers turning into ambassadors who will happily spread your brand message.

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Christiane Hofmann

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