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ChatGPT, Conversational Design and why you've still got a job!

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By now, you've more than likely tried ChatGPT...

Or if you haven’t, you’ve definitely heard of it! And it’s incredible right? A generative AI that responds more or less in a human way, it understands assumed meaning, answers questions about a vast range of subjects, helps your  kids do their homework, and corrects your coding errors! It can even help you write a blog.

Arguably one of the most incredible things to come out of this isn’t what ChatGPT does, but what it means for the future. 


But that's not what this blog is about

We’re going to look at ChatGPT’s role in supporting conversational designers, particularly with chatbots, and, if you’re not yet harnessing its power to enrich your skills, how engaging with this technology will help.

Despite the ease of use that many bot providers have created, drag and drop tech, pre-built journeys, and simple to follow guides, making a great chatbot is so much more than a functional process. There is no one size fits all flow. Every business, it’s customers and the designers creating them are different. Which means every use case and approach needs to be unique.


So, what does it really take to make a great chatbot?

Chatbot Flow 2

…you get the idea.

It’s in all this repetitive stuff that ChatGPT, and other large language models like it, really come into their own.


How else can ChatGPT help?

AIThe natural conversational nature of its output means that, rather than writing entire two-sided conversations, reviewing them, and correcting mistakes. Or, sitting two people down and asking them to act out your design, and repeating it until you get a natural dialogue. You can get ChatGPT to do it for you.

You can ask it to generate different responses for the same prompt, keeping the conversation fresh. It can help you design use cases based on the information you give it and review your data for you in a flash!

Now, it goes without saying that this would still require extensive review and editing, at the end of the day ChatGPT isn’t perfect, it doesn’t know your brand, it doesn’t understand your customers, and it can’t build your flows for you…yet.

But even when it can, there will always be a need for human intervention and guidance to add the empathy and critical thinking skills unique to us, as people. Not to mention the knowledge that only your brand and customer experience teams have.


Any issues with ChatGPT?

There are other issues with the system, so you have to be careful in the way you ask. For example, if it doesn’t know something it might just make it up. And while it’s intuitive, it can’t read your mind, so you have to be super clear with what you want, especially if it’s something creative.

We asked it to write this blog for us, but the results were questionable at best. Here’s a short excerpt: 

ChatGPT Screenshot_Response to using ChatGPT

It reads more like a sales piece, and completely missed the point and purpose of this blog. Had we spent time refining our question, it probably would have produced something decent. But most of all it isn’t on brand, and it doesn’t match our tone of voice.


In summary…

OpenAI’s ChatGPT has shown the world how amazing technology can be, they’ve given us an insight into the future when AI will be able to do everything for us, the humans of Wall-E come to mind, and let’s not think about that OTHER movie!

Chatbots and virtual assistants powered by ChatGPT are here to stay. But don't worry, they're not here to steal your job. They're here to help you create better and more engaging conversational experiences for users.

In the end, it's the collaboration between human designers and AI that will create the most impactful and memorable conversational experiences.

Don’t just take our word for it:

ChatGPT Screenshot_Response to AI replacing Human CD 

Our team of conversational designers here at Premier CX are already using ChatGPT extensively to help us deliver more value faster for our customers. We are happy to share our insights if you’d like advice, contact us.


Written by:

Tom King, CX Consultant and Sally Greenaway, Director of Consulting



1: https://openai.com/


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