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3 steps to improve the customer’s perception of your company

Your organisation is more visible now than ever before.  You’ve got your website, social media presence, visual branding, advertising, reviews, public relations, audio branding, contact centre experience………..

Although each of your customers' experiences of the same product or service are going to vary; the aim of your marketing is to create as consistent and steamlined an experience as possible.   

And in today’s very competitive marketplace ‘it’s just not enough anymore to have brand recognition, consumers want to feel good about a brand and company.’

We’ve identified three areas that can be improved both simply and cost effectively that often get a lot less love than the more visible side of the business.

  1. Perfect Your IVR Experience

9 times out of 10 your customer will already have visited your website and, for one reason or another, decided that they need to call.  But before they have a chance to talk to one of your helpful advisers, they have to get through your IVR.  Ask yourself now, what is their experience going to be like?  Is the voice they hear reflective of your overall branding?  Is the journey streamlined and painless or complicated and painful?  Yes, you need to include compliance messaging but does that have to be longwinded and filled with jargon? Get this area of your business right and you will improve your customer’s experience and your contact centre effectiveness at the same time.     

  1. Focus on Positive Words and Empathetic Statements

In all areas of your business, the language you use is vitally important.  You want to encourage your customer to feel confidence in your organisation and, ideally, build brand loyalty.  One of the best and easiest ways of doing this is to make your business sound more human.  As soon as you use conventional, business style language you’re guaranteed to make yourself sound like a faceless corporation.  Even more traditional businesses like banks and insurance companies are realising this, simplifying the language they use and choosing positive words and empathetic statements that will propel the customer to feel your brand delivers more than just satisfactory service.

  1. Prepare Agents for More Complex Calls

Depending on the demographic of your clientele, it’s very likely that a voice call is the result of an issue being a bit more complex and confusing than a standard enquiry. It is quite possible that, by the time the caller reaches your agent, they will already have exhausted the potential of other self-help channels and resources. Ensuring that your contact centre agents are well trained to handle potentially difficult or complex enquiries will mean a more positive experience for callers.  


In any enironment where differentiating on price alone is no longer an option, customer experience is one of the greatest assets in a competitive market. How customers perceive their experience in dealing with your business can be the difference between them remaining as customers and going elsewhere.

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