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Personalising Customer Communication

Personalising Customer CommunicationWith the unceasing evolution of technology and its services, the opportunity to improve the customer experience has never been easier. However, it also means customers’ expectations of how they expect to be treated has never been greater. To put this into perspective, a recent survey conducted by YouGov, found that companies who personalise their customer communications enjoyed increased sales (42%), customer satisfaction (56%) and customer engagement (63%). When you consider that most consumers still prefer to contact a business via the phone channel (Datamark, 2014) then getting this part of the customer experience right has never been more important.


At Premier CX we work directly with companies to brand and personalise their calling experiences, which in turn creates a host of measurable benefits for the business and caller alike. The days of bland, emotionless, robotic systems are coming to an end! To find out what our award-winning team can do for you call us on 0345 071 1359. Or just send us an email to info@premiercx.co.uk


Premier CX are a point of contact creative agency. Nestled in the gorgeous Hampshire countryside, our award-winning team work with some of the UK's most successful brands.


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